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2012 Submissions

**Meet Mr. Bass** Techno Song
**Silent Hill - True** Video Game Song
**Virtual Reality** Techno Song
**Immaturity** Techno Song
**Unforgotten** Classical Song
**Noctilucent Gallivants** Classical Song
**Silohouette of Hope** Classical Song
**Synchronicity** Classical Song
**Covenant Dance** Video Game Song
**Returning Home** Classical Song
**Zone-Out** Techno Song
**Journey to Surrealism** Miscellaneous Song
**Life Without** Classical Song
**Insomnia** Techno Song
**Halo 2 Peril (Remix)** Unfin Techno Song
***Reverberation*** Trance Loop
***Epiphany*** Techno Song

2008 Submissions

Disconnected From Game Video Game Song