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Good Animation

Not bad. I'll be looking forward to seeing entire flash from you.

oh yeah! 1000nth reveiw!

havn't even watched it yet hehe.

i was talkin to my friend joe the other day....

an it was really fun when he pulled out his ca- he raped me....lol that was awesome.

the dudes face when the chick was on the bike was awesome.

it was awesome.

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great game...

Beat it first try, but it got ridiculously hard towards the end. Good job.

Nice work!

Loved the ending, good job. I think people are voting low because they're getting frustrated. Haha was fun though.


needs a little more variety in it tnough. otherwise good job!

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I really like this. Very nice flow. I would totally do some vocals for this if I had any recording equipment...ugh. Very well put together, fav'n and 5/5

Groat responds:

Much appreciated! Thx!

Orgasm in my ears...yeah

That just about explains it. I LOVE those instruments. They blend together so well. Where did you find those? They're amazing. Nice work btw. I remeber this a long time ago.

JulezJLB responds:

I wanted to add some new themes to it but decided to see how something closer to the original went over first. Glad you liked it. OoT had such great music even though it was pure midi.

If people like the orchestration, I'd love to orchestrate some more from the game. Hyrule Field would be amazing, Gerudo Valley...

Never heard the original...

But don't have to 'cause this is pretty good. Though I think you should lower the volume of the clap just a bit. It's a little loud. But that's really the only issue I see here, so 5 it is.

cubedogg177 responds:

Thanks A Lot Dude. Lol When I was making it I asked myself whether or not the clap was too loud so in the 1.2 version I turned down the reverb just a little bit. Thank you for your response :)

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